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Noel Fisher

Noel is an experienced photographer with a career spanning across three decades. Working in areas such as medical/scientific, editorial, corporate, public relation, portraiture, and weddings. Photography has taken Noel to many parts of the world and many interesting places at home in Australia.

Keenly interested in the art from the time he saw his first colour photo as a child and then began dabbling in Black & White whilst at high school.

Photography was always a passion but was not his first profession. Like many boys growing up in industrial city of Newcastle, NSW in the early 1980’s it was straight to the factories to gain an apprenticeship.

The mid 1980’s saw his dream to work in photography turn into a reality when he started working as a medical photographer following a move to Sydney. This was augmented with studies in photography. Four years at Sydney TAFE Ultimo, at the time considered the foremost photography school in the country, Noel was able to consolidate his experience with a great deal of excellent training.

Taking a break from full time photography to study commerce at Wollongong University and work in the business world, he came to two strong realisations. First he now had a very intimate knowledge of what is needed for businesses. Second, photography was still his first love.

An abundance of life experience has brought about a depth of knowledge not only of photography, but also business and heavy industry.

We have opened a studio in the Adelaide Hills. Nairne, nestled in vineyards and historic villages is a great location to visit.

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